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We work in a small niche of the industry known as “fee-only.” We are up-front about what you are paying. We don’t hide fees. We don’t take referral fees, commissions, loads, sales charges, or a fixed percentage of your assets. You pay us directly, so you will never wonder how much we are making by working with you as a client, or if our motivation for a particular recommendation is in our best interest. We are a fiduciary - we stand in your shoes and give you advice that is in your best interest. 

We believe that financial planning is a process, not an event. As such we offer an ongoing service that covers all of the areas of your financial life, including tax preparation, investment management, and all of the other pieces of your financial life. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning is offered as an annual fee. The fee is based on a combination of factors including your income, your assets, and the overall complexity of your financial situation.  For each client, the value we will provide will likely far exceed the fee we charge. Annual fees range from $3,000 to $30,000. If you had a $1.0 Million portfolio managed by a typical money manager, you would pay approximately $12,000 for their investment management services. Our fees to help you with all of your financial needs, including providing investment management services, would be about 55-60% of that fee! 

Our Financial Fitness Review is for those clients who have one or two pressing concerns and feel they would not be a “fit” for a comprehensive engagement. Our Financial Fitness Review is priced between $950 - $1,300 based upon the complexity of the issues to be addressed. 

The intent of our planning process is to provide you with peace of mind, not to sell some product.